Anti Spam, How to Block Spam

Email and instant messaging (IM) play a mission-critical role in your company. But the more you rely on these technologies, the more open you are to the risks and threats. It is not only the traditional security threats like spam and viruses that you need to control but also the internal threats of losing critical and confidential corporate information. In this case, you need Email Spam Protection.

Spam is annoying. Period. Spam was once just an annoyance, but it has now become the tactic of choice for online deception, fraud, and abuse. Spam and fraudulent e-mail messages are major issues for computer users and businesses of all sizes. Companies are being forced to commit significant resources to protect their messaging infrastructure and their brand from these abuses, and computer users must work to protect themselves from the influx of deceptive e-mail. Email Spam Blocker is the best way to help detect and prevent onslaught of abuse and deception.

More About Spam

How in the heck did those spammers get your address in the first place? Actually, they use a variety of techniques. They use programs called spambots to search the web and pick up any email addresses that could be listed on websites. They use what's called the "Dictionary" technique, where they take a well-known email extension (, for instance), and make up all kinds of possible user names to go with it. Like going page by page through the dictionary.

Many internet service providers use a variety of methods to block spam before it ever gets to you. Nevertheless, we all know that some spam inevitably gets through to our inboxes. That's when we need to take a proactive stance and install some sort of software to filter it out! You can use Barracuda Spam to solve your problems.

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