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XML Skin : Green

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Download : green.txt

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Free HTML editor

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Kali ini, sebuah software HTML Editor. Ada 2 buah software yang ditampilkan, yaitu:


It features tabbed documents, tag colorization, 18 helpers (including JavaScript, Image Map Helper, etc), MDI (multi-document-interface), built-in browser, has a customizable environment, it can export to RTF, TXT or PDF, import from RTF or TXT, it can also check the download time of a page or number of pages, good Helpfile, and more.

Stone’s WebWriter
It features tag highlighting, templates; image viewer; search & replace; frames wizard; forms wizard; ImageMap editor; JavaScript editor; StyleSheet editor; code completion; project management; site map; and more.

This HTML editor packs a lot of features into one small package. You can open multiple documents at the same time by highlighting them in the file manager and then pressing the Enter key. The Extended Search & Replace allows you to work with all open documents or with all HTML documents in a specified folder. Neat.

Registration Stone's WebWriter must be registered. See prices and registration form. Stone's WebWriter can be registered for free if it is used in your home only to make your own personal and non-commercial homepage. Please notice and respect, that no support can be offered with free registration.

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Free Image & Photo Editing Software Download - PhotoPlus

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Buat yang pengen ngedit foto, nih ada software gratisan yang bisa digunakan. Namun, jika yang gratisan ini dirasa kurang, bisa di-upgrade ke versi 8, tapi mesti bayar loh....

Sedikit Review dan Screenshot-nya:

PhotoPlus is a fully-functional graphics editor for bitmap files. It features include a powerful image export optimizer, editable text, comprehensive image enhancement, image export optimizer, image slicing & image maps, 'smart' shapes, etc.

There are also additional download options: CMYK printing (2.7MB); online documentation (3.8MB); sample images (6.1MB); and 15 extra import & export filters, including WMF, PSD, PCD, PCX & EPS (1.6MB).

PhotoPlus is a professional quality tool which uses its own native SPP file format to save images but can export to the major formats: GIF, JPG & BMP.

This is an easy editor to use. The toolbars have been well thought out and implemented and the program allows an extremely high standard of image creation and editing. We liked the selection-options where you can select a portion of an image in the shape of, say, a star. There are over a dozen shapes and each are customizable.

The built-in Helpfile is extremely good and provides most of the basic information you would want to get the best from this program.

This isn't something we normally say, but PhotoPlus is almost too good to be free!

Grab a copy quick before Serif changes its mind!

Download PhotoPlus 6 for Free! - 19.4MB

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